Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday

Been a bit sidetracked recently with work on the house and a rather important birthday for my youngest. She had a fabulous day filled with princesses and fairies. We followed it up by making the above treat bags for her preschool classmates. The pink shirt is a tradition begun when she was two. Usually the number is done in vintage buttons but I decided to branch out this year with fabric. Love those Deco roses. Junque in this photo consists of cherry napkins which I found in an outbuilding of the glassblowing studio where I used to work, a gumball (now M&M) dispenser from yard sale last summer, and an ironstone pedestal which I picked up at a church sale to give to a friend and then loved so much I couldn't let it go. She has a few choice words for me whenever she visits and sees it in my home instead of hers! Happy Birthday princess girl!

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