Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend Finds

Although we had an unseasonably warm weekend, yard sale season is pretty much over. Time to head indoors and wander the aisles of the local thrift stores. These are a few of my "finds":
Vintage Strawberry Metal Tray
Beistle 3D Snowflakes in their original, unopened package
Vintage Halloween Owl Candleholder - made in Japan
Vintage "Space-Saver" metal bowl/tray - you can slide the sections to make it bigger as the need arises - the bolt that you tighten to adjust size is marked "Space Saver" - how clever is this? I love the whole industrial feel of the pierced hole pattern in the metal.
Green pottery planter - I never leave these behind.
Religious figure plaques - I've been finding religious items interesting of late. Is it wrong that I want to add some glitter to these (not much - just a tasteful spruce up)?!
Vintage Infant of Prague Planter - made in Japan. See how the religious theme keeps popping up.
Vintage Electronic Milton game - oh if you could hear the phrases this game says. Too funny for words.
All in all a fruitful weekend. Eventually all of this will be for sale whether on Ebay, Etsy or at shows in the spring. Well, ok, not all of it. That owl is MINE, MINE, MINE!
What did you thrift this weekend?

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VintageBettys said...

What great finds! We really love that strawberrry tray and the snowflake stencils. Those religious plaques are beautiful.

Have a great week,
Laura and Michele