Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bead Swap

A while back Sarah over at My So Called Junky Life offered to host a bead swap.  I happily jumped on board and today we are sharing our swap items.
I was paired with Marsha from Sassy Mini Dolls who sent my beads in this fabulously decorated box.  Love those little flowers.  I'd love to show you what I sent but naturally I packaged them up and sent them out without remembering to take photos.  Hop over to her blog to see!

A bit of junque karma was to be had inside.  See the iridescent milk glass bit in the center left side?  I have one of those.  Thrifted it years ago and often wear it on a chain.  Until it fell off one day and crashed on to the hardwood floor.  BIG crack in the center.  It's been living in my drawer ever since because it's so pretty I couldn't bear to part with it.  Well now I have a replacement and I'm trying to think of the perfect way to set it in to some of my repurposed junque jewels.
Ah the power of junque.
Thanks ever so much Marsha!  And special thanks to Sarah for hosting!


Sassy Marsha said...

Oh, kismet!!! I am so glad I sent it to you!!!

Today I am wire wrapping some of the beads you sent me! I am thinking of making a bracelet!!

Thank you for all my vintage jewelry pieces and beads!


Erica said...

So beautiful!! What a fund swap.

M. said...

Hi. i think i e-mailed you before,asking if you are interested in selling th hot shot mugs, but don't know if you got it as i have not heard back from you. My last name is Schott and we are always called hot schott. i'd like to give one to each of my kids. Please e-mail me back. Thank you! Mona at peaceandquilts@gmail.com

SixBalloons said...

That -is- beautiful packaging! What a nice surprise.

Pam @ Frippery said...

What a great swap! Junk karma at work indeed! Hope to meet at the Buckeye Bloggers get together!