Monday, January 31, 2011

CSN Stores - Get Your Modern On!

Ooh, ah! That's the response this Saarinen table always evokes for me.
When the fine folks at CSN stores contacted me to do a product review I was beyond thrilled. My mind immediately began racing at all the modern furniture
like the above I might choose. Visions of Knoll and Miller danced in my head but then Ms. Practicality reared her ugly head and I was reminded of the many things at the 200+ CSN stores which I really do need. So while my beloved Saarinen will have to wait check back soon for my practical product review. In the meantime head over to CSN and drool with me!

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~~Carol~~ said...

Guess what I did last night! Finally used my gift certificate to CSN! I spent the whole weekend looking through everything, and finally settled on a new rug for outside the back door. I love it and can't wait to show you!
Happy Monday!