Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Junque Bazaar - A Call For Vendors & Shoppers

As evidenced by the title it would seem I've decided upon a name for my show. I toyed with Junque Days for a while but now I'm settled.


See my side bar listing of shows? I even put it on there. I've got a quote for insurance on the premises (more than anticipated but less than feared). I've come up with a very affordable signage solution. I already knew the venue was going to be the fairgrounds. Currently collecting quotes for advertising so that leaves...


If you'd like more information about participating in this event and/or you know someone else who might like to do so please have them contact me at:
I'm compiling a list and I need some names. I have a start but definitely need more. Come on - I know you have some Junque buds who want to set up! And if you want to come and shop (DUH) and bring some friends drop me a line as well so I can keep you in the loop.

It will be a one day, inside event (yeah - no fear of the elements!). Downtown is literally just up the street with plenty of cute shops to visit and places to eat.

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Prior said...

Gosh, sounds so fun and a lot of hard work! Sure wish I lived closer!