Monday, February 7, 2011

The Day After...

Mental note for next year. The day AFTER the SuperBowl is perhaps not the best day to try and squeeze into my smallest pair of Banana Republic jeans! But of course I found them at the GW over the weekend and had to try them out.
We eat a lot here on SuperBowl day. It is the ONLY game of football we watch all year (well of course we actually watch a lot of Football as it is known to the rest of the world but that is a whole other game). Ok. So it is the only game of American football we watch all year.
The kids love it because it is also the one time a year that they are allowed to eat pretty much any, and all the junk they want. We go to the grocery store. They wander the aisles and pick out all the pre-processed, frozen, sugar high inducing junk (NOT junque) they can. And we eat it. For one evening of stupid food fun. Reality dawns the next day - with jeans!
Here are a couple of pics of some junque I picked up thrifting this weekend. The finds were pretty good. Check back later this week for my repurpose of these items! And my 100th post giveaway pile is growing nicely. Make sure to check out the post to see the goodies you can win!

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