Thursday, April 28, 2011

Hello Old Friend

Dear Junque Gods,

THANK YOU, thank you, ThAnK yOu.

A great day. All these finds at one sale so thank you to the gasoline gods as well.

Boots and purse are getting flowers planted in them.

Hello Johnson Brothers turkey plate. Not sure I can let that one go - might have to keep it at least until Turkey day!

Another Redman picnic basket - that makes two for the sale.

Dear Nature,

THANK YOU, thank you, ThAnK yOu for some sunshine.

Glorious sunshine. Oh look, now the clouds are coming back and we're getting more rain tonight. Ah well, it was beautiful while it lasted.

Hello ironing table. I have a bigger one waiting in the wings. Wouldn't this be great as the table behind a sofa?! So that makes two for the sale (I'm noticing a multiples theme).

Love that magazine stand as is but also realize it would be great painted. Hopefully someone else will want to undertake that project!

Aqua, I love you. I especially love you in a McCoy planter (REALLY don't think I can part with this one)!

Depression glass footed bowl.

You all know how I adore fruit things!

Oh you gorgeous ironstone Johnson Brothers bowl. You are large and in charge but I cannot keep you. I can not. I must not...must not...

A bit of sun did wonders for my energy. I got down to business and really started organizing the sale piles in the garage. I truly am a Junque Queen!
What did you junque today?

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Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

What a great haul!!! I'm hoping for a good sale like that around here tomorrow!!

Betsy said...

I'm jealous of this great haul. So many yummy treasures; I'd have a hard time not bringing them all in the house to live. I'm hoping for some good sales tomorrow.

Marydon said...

There's some great finds in there ... hard to part with I am sure.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Janie said...

Good finds! Don't you just love garage sales?!

Romantic Domestic

Something Special said...

I love all your finds. I am planning on hitting a few yard sales this week
end too. I hope to get as lucky as you were.

Laurel said...

Lucky you and all at one sale??? Bonus! Chat soon, Laurel
PS...thanks for stopping by my blog too. Record wreaths? Sounds fun to me :)

Michelle said...

Oh I see lots and lots of goodies there! Love them all, so much so that I can't pick a favorite. Thanks for sharing your excellent thrifty finds!

Custom Comforts said...

Found you through Sue at Murphy & Sullivan. I'm another Ohio blogger and it is so nice to meet you. Love your sense of humor and understand totally about being thankful when you find things. I now have a shop space and it is hard to keep it filled. Starting to panic a little when I can't find furniture. Newest follower.