Sunday, April 24, 2011

Peat Pots and an Occasional Junque Bazaar

Happy Easter lovely readers! Hope your day was filled with wonderful moments. Here at Junque Central we were lucky enough to have grandparents visiting and eggs hidden in silly places. Nothing outside mind you. The rain CONTINUES to pour in southern Ohio and our new favorite game is to wonder when, if ever, we will be able to get back on the soccer fields!

Sharing a few Easter creations this evening. Like so many of you I got out the peat pots and gave them a bit of an upgrade. Glitter, tinsel and lace always make me smile.
In other news I've had a bit of a re-think (ok, it's really a MAJOR change) regarding my proposed Junque Bazaar in October. For various reasons I'm calling it off. I'm not afraid of a challenge but when you start adding things up and it seems more likely than not that you are going to go bust you've got to admit defeat.
So I've been discouraged for a bit (ok I was bordering on major depressive slump after failed shows in March, etc.). As often happens all you need is a bit of time to re-group (and a big kick in your rump reminding yourself to pick up, dust off and quit whining!).
How about an Occasional Junque Bazaar here at my home (coinciding with our neighborhood garage sale)? We have one of those HOAs that forbids (major UGH!)signage, street parking, etc. except during the "sanctioned" garage sale event. I always participate and there is room on my lawn for other folks so perhaps we could have our own blog party/bazaar. If this intrigues you read below for more particulars and let's get our occasional "on"!!

Occasional Junque Bazaar
Lebanon, OH
Saturday May 14th 9AM-2PM (rain date Sunday)
Fabulous treasures - just think, you'll get to shop my junque BEFORE the folks at Springfield = fresh pickings!!
If you'd like more specifics and/or are interested in bringing your own junque to set up drop me a line:
Junque on dear friends!

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vivian said...

sweet peats! lol. i love using peat pots for stuff.
ahh yesss.. the rain... here too. and its supposed to rain allll week!! gee whiz! enough already. It has to get better soon right?? I just want to open my windows and doors and see flowers and sunshine! (whine whine!) OK.. enought of that now..
I hope you have a have a great week!