Thursday, July 5, 2012

Crushes and Creations

I shall let you all in on a secret crush of mine.
I discovered her several months back in a Mollie Makes magazine (yes, you have heard of my over the top love affair with this publication a time or two, or twelve).  I read, I drooled over the photos, I visited her blog.  And I was hooked.
The other day in a fit of crafting high jinks I channeled my inner Dottie and created this:

It started innocently enough with a yard sale purchase.
This somewhat tattered linen needed a home.  It appears to be the size of a pillowcase (although it lacks a pillow pocket).  So many lovely details.  So much effort to create something beautiful.  I was certain that only I would love it enough to bring it home.  Visions of leaving it behind to be thrown away were too much to bear so my natural rescuing tendencies kicked in (mental note - the high verbal drama indicates I need to stop watching those Downton Abbey episodes to which I swore I would not succumb).
Quite simply the easiest apron, EVER!  An old doily was turned into a pocket.  Some ribbon remnants made a nice tie.
All done I tried it on and swirled around.  Two thoughts came to mind.
One, I quite think the lovely Tiff (aka Dottie Angel) would rock this apron with some of her spiffy clogs.
Two, "You look like a doily" (and now I have squarely dated myself with a Reality Bites reference)!
Check out Dottie Angel.  Tiff knows not of my existence but I dare say you will find yourself in a bit of swoon with her awesomeness.
Yours in Doily abundance,
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Shiloh said...

What a beautiful apron! I love the lacey doily look.

Debra @ Common Ground said...

this is adorable. I just LOVE old linens and you've found the perfect way to recycle them!! thanks somuch for joining in for Vintage Inspiration!