Sunday, September 2, 2012

Candy Lights Anyone?!

Exciting times here at Junque Magnet. The fine folks over at Candy Lights are letting yours truly sell their fabulous lights.
I put together a small preliminary order which will be available in my booth during Vintage Marketplace. Can't make it? No problem. The beauty of modern technology means you can place an order with me and I will ever so happily get them out to you. Easy, peasy peeps!
Current colors in stock are as follows (please note these photos are directly from the website):

Bubblegum $14 per strand

Buttercream $14 per strand

Cotton Candy $14 per strand

Candy Cane Scented Holiday Strand $16 per strand

Halloween Holiday Strand $16 per strand

Buttercream Classic 5 watt bulb $3 per bulb

Buttercream Sugar Coated 5 watt bulb $3.50 per bulb
Many other colors are available. Take a peek on the Candy Lights website for the full line. Find one there that you like? Just drop me an e-mail and I can order it for you. I will be taking orders at the show as well.
Candy Lights are so fun. I may, or may not have squealed out loud as I opened the box! Hand dipped in the USA makes them even better.
Light strand are 35 bulbs, 12 feet long. Indoor use only. Connect up to three strands end to end.
Pricing available upon request (
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Pam @ Frippery said...

Oh they are so pretty, they look good enough to eat.

Carrie said...

Oh they are so pretty, they look good enough to eat.