Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Checking In or Junque Updates

Dropping in to share some recent Junque finds. Life gets In the way of blogging. More importantly I'm trying to keep blogging from getting In the way of life! I do post regularly on my FB page so head over there for the day to day Junque!
Boy Wonder had a soccer tournament this past weekend. Let's just say it was cold. Yes. Let us merely say that. In an attempt to get the blood flowing to toes and the like, between matches we thrifted.

A bit of vintage restaurant ware was a good start.

A vintage desk organizer got things smoking. This brought back fond (and not so fond) memories of school. I clearly remember these on the desks in the office of my elementary school.

Yesterday the thrift gave me these Japan mugs and some lovely goblets which will one day be turned into cool cloches. One day. Not necessarily soon. More likely to be buried in the someday project pile/hoard but perhaps I will surprise myself.

Oh. Um. Yes. Damn you Goodwill for making these so reasonably priced that i had no choice but to rescue them. Xmas ban STILL not working. Must stop getting these. Must stop...

And with vintage shows over for the year I've been busily crafting for an upcoming show. Vintage bling makes me ever so happy. Repurposed bling for sale is meant to make my wallet happy!
To those in the path of Sandy I wish you power and safety!
Making every day a little bit vintage,


Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Great stuff. Isn't Goodwill just naughty? Was there today myself. I ALWAYS seem to find something. Got bags in the car. Oh no. I love those ornaments!! Score!

sweetvintageofmine said...

LOVE the restaurant dishes! And I LOVe the bling-bling! Keep warm! Roxie