Monday, August 2, 2010

Saturday's Junque

I had no business out buying more junque as I prepared for a Sunday show in Indiana but it was half off day at our local Goodwill.... What could a girl do but stop and see?!

Fun treats awaited.

This cherries print will get a glitter make-over. Found another bottle to decorate and bling.

I was tremendously amused by the "Elves at Work" phrase. These small icicle garlands will surely find a project as Christmas approaches.

This might be my favorite find of the day. I let out a small squeal of excitement when I found it on the shelf. I was there late in the afternoon - HOW DID THIS NOT GET SNATCHED UP EARLIER?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There was even a light set in the box but I ditched it as they are easy enough to replace while electrical fires are a major problem to fix!

Love, love, love the graphics on this. Plus the "buns" had me giggling (because I am so NOT a mature adult). This baby is already gone - I put her in the car and sold her Sunday morning.