Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So Close...

Every year I get rid of Christmas stuff. Really, I do. I swear there were two bins last year that I cleared out and sold at shows. So, um, how is it seven days later and I'm STILL decorating?!
Do I have an accumulation problem? Well I'm in the home stretch now and one way or another those bins are going back to the basement tonight. Surely I'll do better about not acquiring so much next year. Right?!


Into Vintage said...

Accumulation problem? No.

Because if that's what it is then I have the same 'problem.' :-)

Jane said...

You can sign me up as someone else with an accumulation problem. But after looking at your previous post with all those gorgeous ornaments.....I think accumulation has it's benefits!

Pam said...

No, it's not an accumulation problem until you're featured on the Hoarders program. I have the same problem, once I start decorating I have a hard time having an ending point.


LOL! That sounds so familiar. Personally, I think the Christmas decorations do "something" in those boxes over the summer and multiply...just sayin.

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