Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend Find

One of my faves this past weekend!

A bit of Friday night thrifting yielded this (and a slew of other things) nifty candle holder. She's black metal and she folds up completely flat. My inner age detector appears to be on the fritz because I am completely uncertain as to whether or not this is a vintage piece.
Usually I know right away. The metal is much heavier than one normally finds now and certainly the shape leads me to believe it has real potential to be older. I'm on the fence and had to share. So what say you - old or newer?
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~~Carol~~ said...

I have no idea about that candleholder, but just let me look at that table and lamp for a minute, ok? I love them, and that chair in the background looks alot like one my parents had, and I wish that I had now. Love your style!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I can't tell about the candle holder either but I'm with Carol in that all I could see was that awesome table, lamp and chair! Love them!

Donnie said...

I'm vintage and I can't tell either. It looks goo though.

Sherrie said...

Okay I am with the 3 ladies that commented above me, I don't know if it is vintage, but love the table and lamp. Yes I am vintage too.