Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Halloween Peek

Sharing a bit of Halloween decorating around the Junque Palace that is my home.
Vintage Probe letters set in coral on the mantel.  I could lie and say I used the coral because it reminded me of brains but truth be told, I'm trying to work with what is already out because a) I'm feeling overwhelmed and b)I just might be a lazy junque girl!

Thrifted Danish ceramic dish (which I ADORE), glittered black leaves which did not get used in the project which has me hanging my craft head in shame, vintage game pieces with a skull on top, and those vintage Probe letters again (because yes, possibly I am lazy (see above)  and I already had them out.  In my defense I did have to venture into the basement to get them so there were stairs/exercise involved!)


vivian said...

great idea to use the letter cards! makes me think I need to find some! I bet I could find some to print off on the computer. How did you get the trees sillouttes on them?
as for your project below, I totally know the feeling when some great idea turns out to be a bomb.. but hey, it happens sometimes! lol!
have a great day

Sue said...

Carrie, I'm not familiar with those letter cards- they are from a game? I like the correlation of the coral to a brain. How fun to use them here. :-) I haven't put out Halloween stuff yet. Maybe next week. Are you getting ready for this weekend at Mt. Vernon? We will be there! ~ Sue

Pam said...

Well, lazy is working for you. If I get up to Mount Vernon, I'll look you up.