Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Not So Much

Sometimes the idea in your head is not a winner.  Sometimes you spend a fair amount of time on a project which had so much potential but fails to garner results.  Case in point..
Styrofoam ball covered in black leaves and sitting in a McCoy planter.
Supposed to be cool and spooky.  Reality bears a striking resemblance to a vintage bathing cap.  If it were such a cap it would be fun and cool.  As a Halloween craft, not so much!

Keeping it real folks.  They cannot all be winners!  This loser will not be saved!


outjunking said...

Someone besides me doesn't always get it right. I feel much better now. But we get an E for effort.

Pam said...

It does bear a stroking resemblance to a swim cap. At least you tried! Love the McCoy vase.

Ivy and Elephants said...

Your wit is spot on. If we can't laugh at ourselves ...
Great blog, I'm following you!