Friday, April 13, 2012

A Little Thrifting

The madness of show preparing continues.  I am the proverbial chicken with head cut off...
Here are a few beauties I brought home the other day:
A 1926 Italian to French conversation guide.  Who could possibly leave this behind?
Ce n'est pas possible! (Yes, I do still rock my high school French which took me to Strasbourg for a semester in college.)
Fire King souvenir mugs.  Oh Maryland, my Maryland I do miss you so.  This Philly girl has never been to the Crystal Cave in PA though.
I'm very much wanting to keep these and make them part of a new collection.  I want them to be our every day coffee mugs.  This will not end well.
Hubs will insist on putting them in the dishwasher which will cause them to fade.  I will harrumph around about it and he will remind me that it is stupid to have things which cannot be put in the dishwasher.  I will see his logic in the end so should just avoid the whole thing by letting them go now! Possibly you can tell we've done this dance before?!
They are sitting on a rather Mad Men Formica tray which I found as well.  I simply love the silver plate trim around the edge.  I think it is one of those super cool things that truly shows how items were adapted as new materials became available.
A wee restaurant ware creamer.  The collection continues bit by bit.
Sitting on a rather fabulous piece of floral fabric I found.  I think the fabric was my favorite although there is also a most splendid floral bedspread from the 70s or early 80s on my deck right now.  I'd love to put it in the Princess' room but am not sure if I can get over the bedbug terror.
Yes, I said terror.  FREAKS me out people.  So I've washed it.  Set it in the dryer for a ridiculous quantity of time and am now asking mother nature to bake it.  Then I'll put it in plastic for a couple of weeks in the garage.  Then maybe, just maybe, I'll let it back in.
Yours in junque,

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outjunking said...

I can know how you feel about those mugs and using them. They are way cool. I too have had that dance with my hubs. It's a junker thing!