Friday, April 20, 2012

Whosit, Whatsit, Huh?

Lest you fine folks get the wrong idea and think I actually know what I am doing, I offer the following:
What is it?
Search me.  Sometimes you buy a box lot because it is ridiculously low and there was one item in it that you wanted and in order to get anyone to bid the auctioneer put three box lots together.
You do so do it.  I know you do (and if you do not, let's just not talk about it)!
So now you've bid and you bring the junk home (and it is junk - not yet Junque) and you sort.
Some stuff you pitched at the auction to avoid another layer of dirt making its way to your abode.  The flotsam is gone and you are left with the jetsam.
Often there is a piece or two that seems to have potential but isn't in your wheel house (can you tell I'm a GLEEk?).  I'm not a primitives kind of girl.  Don't do country.  But I'm not opposed to selling "anything I think I can make a buck on" (can you now tell that I am a faithful Pickers devotee).
Which brings us here:
Don't know what it is.  It was in with a bunch of old cake molds so I'm thinking kitchen.  I've guessed it might be for shaving butter into those pretty curls (proving I've never done such a thing or I'd know what one looked like.  I slap my butter on a plate and have at it.  But that's just me...). 
I'm stumped.  I'm out of ideas and I find it hard to make one of those descriptive price tags for it when I do not know of that which I speak.
Fine junque friends this is a shout out.  What is it?  Help a lost girl out or it's going to a show with a tag that says, "Old thingie".
Speaking of lost girl let me take a moment to mourn the passing of Picnik which fell away yesterday.  Just when I got the hang of it.  I am plugging away with iPiccy.
And look, Blogger has a new format because I might have actually known what I was doing there until this morning.  I will not complain.  It's a free service and free is good.  I just feel like I'm on a perpetual hamster wheel of technology - NEVER getting ahead much less caught up.
Get your thinking caps on and drop me a line with an answer. 
Much obliged thank you very much.


Shara said...

What is it made of and how long it is? It looks like a riding crop to me, but mostly because I can't tell what it is made of, I suppose. Other than that, I got nuthin'. Sorry!

Peace said...

Passive meat tenderizer? Poorly thought out back scratcher? Decorative primitive wall fork-ish? Hey, if somebody is looking for a 'thingy' then that is exactly what they want. :O)

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

I thought it was rug swatter (cleaner) when I first saw it.

Pam said...

I can't tell how long it is, but it reminds me of the stick thing they put in my haircolor kit to slather on highlights with (yes, this is not my real hair color). Probably not a vintage version of that though!