Friday, February 24, 2012

Ah, The Weekend

Things I am looking forward to this weekend:
Happily devouring these two magazines and making the keyring with the Princess.  A lag in my subscription means that two issues arrived on the same day.  So much goodness - so little time.
Happily cleaning, sorting and pricing my fun thrift store finds from last night.
Oh hello you spotty vintage Mikasa pitcher.  I do love you so.
Greetings to you previously buried French prints which were hoarding hiding in my garage.  It's been so long since I've seen you I must confess I forgot you existed.  Further greetings to you fun spotty bar glasses which ever so fortuitously fit the opening of some bed spring projects I've got lying around!
Tomorrow we will make my yearly visit of joy to the 20th Century Cincinnati show where I will happily drool and dream of lovely mid century pieces making their way home with me.  Of course I only ever pick up my Heywood Wakefield pieces at garage sales...
Yes, fun lies in store although its commencement was somewhat marred by the emergency visit to the dentist after Princess fell on the playground.  Cracked adult teeth mean I will also spend the weekend watching to see if they begin to wither.  Wish I could find some junque teeth at a yard sale to work some magic on!!!
Wishing you a weekend of merriment.

1 comment:

vivian said...

dont you love molly makes!? i dont have a subscription and I'm really trying to back off of magazine buying. but if I go to joanns I always have to look at it.
I see lots of neat stuff for your shop here!
have a great weekend!