Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Finds and Vintage Marketplace News

Fun morning at the 20th Century Cincinnati show.  I found myself uttering the somewhat foreign phrase, "How much for all of them?" a few times which resulted in this:
A delicious tray full of woodblock letters and almost a dozen pyrex labware pieces.
So much fun digging through and finding the most interesting bits.  My favorite might just be the British Pound symbol.  It pretty much screams KEEPER!
In other, equally delicious news, I am officially a vendor at The Vintage Marketplace Springfield Extravaganza.  Oh my excitement knows no bounds.  It promises to be an amazing time filled with incomparable junque!  And I won't be alone mind you.  The super fabulous, beyond talented and all around super amazing Pam of Frippery will be sharing a space with me.  Get there early because I may attempt to scoop up all her amazing creations before the rest of the world!
If you haven't done your research yet head over to the Vintage Marketplace blog where they kindly posted a vendor blurb about yours truly.  Make sure to follow along and keep updated with more seller profiles and show events. 
Additionally, take a moment to follow their Facebook page and see what's happening - as it happens!
Interested in being a vendor?  Jon says spacing are filling up fast so you've got to hurry and join us for the fun.  Message Jon so he can get you a contract and we can all junque together.
Keep checking in folks.  Much fun awaits and we'll even be putting together a show giveaway as we get closer. 
Anyone up for a Buckeye Bloggers meet in my booth?!!!!!
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Karen Mary Butterfly said...

How fun!!! I need to find out about vintage marketplaces in my area!! Love the picture of your treasures!

Pam said...

I'll stop by. My niece and I are doing a booth, but not in the fabulous Vintage Marketplace area. I'm going over to check out their blog right now!

outjunking said...

This is so exciting, is this your first show? I have set up at flea markets and community events but nothing where the talent is all over the top good. But I would love too.

Sue said...

How great that you and Pam are joining forces for a booth! Isn't she just a sweetheart? I am definitely going- may have to hit more than one day. The husband goes with me one day and he is very good about spending the entire day w/me, but I think another day by myself will let me see even more and I spend more time chatting w/people too~ LOL
~ Sue

Zahid said...

How fun!!! I need to find out about vintage marketplaces in my area!! Love the picture of your treasures!