Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Great Chalk Paint Experiment

So as I mentioned a few hundred times last week I took the opportunity at The Vintage Marketplace to hop on the Annie Sloan chalk paint wagon.
Three colors, two waxes, a brush and a huge receipt later (which came with a slightly less than impressive shopping experience - think Pretty Woman with me wanting to make a purchase and getting ignored/less than helpful information).  Honestly I was so disgruntled I kind of wanted to walk away and not bother. 
Anyhoo - I've been up to me elbows in paint ever since (yes, actually up to my elbows - how do I manage to get it up there?).
I started small to try and get the feel of what I was doing.  These were two of my experimental firsts. 
French linen with clear wax.
Love the color.  Happy with the coverage.  Totally love the finish when buffed.  Completely loathe buffing.  Knew I would hate it.  Hate it even more than I thought!  The results are worth it.
Do NOT like the round brush.  Don't like it at all.  Wish I had not purchased it.  Much prefer the control of applying with a cloth.
French Linen over a white spray paint base I already had on this piece.  This piece has been floating around forever and I could not seem to get it right.  Simply love it now.
Clear wax.  Then lightly distressed and waxed again.  Buffed.  See above - do you think I can teach the kids to do that part?!!!!!!
I did another piece where I put the dark wax on top.  Wow.
This morning I put dark wax on top of Old White.  Yuck.  Hate it.  Total craft fail (you can see a picture of it on my FB page).  I think I will only ever do the dark on top of dark colors and will more likely than not skip it.
So far I've done these, a chair, three signs and a magazine rack.  Overall a great product.  I do wish the purchasing had been more satisfying.  A LOT more satisfying (we're going to need a lot more sucking up here...Go ahead and watch the movie again if you aren't remembering this part!)
Yours in paint spattered clothing...
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Pam @ Frippery said...

It looks fantastic! Great job.