Thursday, February 2, 2012

Selecting the Candidates

The title of this post might have led you to believe I was taking you down a political path.  Not so fearless junkers.  Not so.
I'm like a kid on Christmas Eve today.  Ready to get on the road for The Vintage Marketplace.  Itching to load up and head out. 
In an effort to kill time (and avoid the packing/cleaning I should be doing) I spent the morning searching the house for projects.  I am so excited to jump on the chalk paint bandwagon and can only hope the vendors are not sold out when I get there.
To that end, check out my candidates for first chalk paint project upon my return:
Great wood chest box.  It's missing a drawer bottom but I can fix that.  Currently residing on the porch because it was the only way to get it out of the garage so my car could fit it looks cute!
Magazine rack in need of make-over no?!
My most recent furniture find.  $3 at the thrift store.  Has a drawer which was hidden under the paint.  And yes, that is a vintage butterfly chair frame it is sitting in.  You are surprised by that?  Again, how else do you think I got the car back in the garage?
Little smoking stand arts and crafts style piece which I thought was awesome.  Multiple show visits prove I am the only one who thinks so.  Possibly paint will make it a winner?

This is a family piece which I have always been strangely attracted to.  Not at all my style but it keeps moving from unwanted corner to unwanted hallway.  Possibly a gray coat would change my view.

Another thrift store chair which I am too ashamed to tell you how long I have had.  I do so know where the seat is (the screws are another issue) - piled in a box in the garage with 500 hundred frames I was going to make into something.  Someday.  In the "near" future.
So those are my potential candidates.  Which would you paint first?  Come on peeps, pick me a winner.
If you haven't joined me on FB please take a moment to do so.  I'll be posting photos of fun finds at the show all weekend.
Oh, and in other super exciting news I just got myself a real vendor's license from the fine state of Ohio.  Meeting with an accountant on Monday.  Oh my, I think I'm actually a business now.
I will be much less excited Monday afternoon when I'm drowning in all the tax details but for now I'm flying high.
Junque Magnet 2012  - WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!

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