Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beach Finds

A few days ago we got home from a fabulous shore vacation. Now if you're from my hometown Philly you know that the shore means New Jersey. I lived in Maryland for many years and there the beach was "going down the Ocean" but the shore has to be New Jersey. Funny how I lived so close for most of my life but had to move to Ohio to actually make yearly visits to the Shore a reality...

In a rare burst of productivity I actually got my beach junque sorted and set up on the mantel within two days of our return! The large driftwood pieces were actually sent to me during a junk swap on Junk Market Style. My partner was awesome!

It was a jackpot year for sea glass! Yippee!!!!!!!!

I love the white pebbles worn smooth in the ocean. I also love the sound they make as they fall into the glass jar.

We have a thing for birds in our house. My daughter has always been my "baby bird" and the theme has carried over. The bird sculpture is from a fabulous, awesome, stupendous (can you tell I love it) shop in Pt. Pleasant. I waited all year to get back there and when we arrived they were not open. Yikes. Fortunately we went back two days later and all was open and beautifully staged. I could spend hours just staring and picking through her junque. Ahhh..........

Found the baby trophy at a yard sale right before we left and the larger one in an antique store in Pt. Pleasant. I think we may have begun a new junque collection...AGAIN!!!
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