Monday, June 14, 2010

Globes and Bottles and Cherries, Oh My!

I haven't posted any finds in a while so I thought I would take a moment to show a few from the weekend. Had to squeeze in yard sales and a local flea market between WORLD CUP games. Apparently this will be the case for the next month. My son gets wicked mad when he misses one! In my two hour window on Friday I found this Denby platter with a rooster on it. Not my style but folks around here seem to enjoy a rooster or two, or twelve... A small restaurant creamer was more up my alley and the small green urn is sweet. I've got plans for the cream platter. It is sizeable and will get a bit of decoration.

Still picking up bottles to decorate as I find them. These were a GREAT score at $0.50 each at the flea market in Monroe. Pink planter for $0.50 - how do you leave that behind?

I'm a fan of these green planters. They look great with Xmas trees and decorations inside. The silverplate tray was a good deal and these have sold well.

I love fruit. Especially cherries. Always have. No where to put them but they had to come home.

As much as I love fruit I might love globes more. We have several around the house. This one is quite small (about 2 inches around) and was obviously attached to something at some point.Had to have it and when I asked how much the kind woman said, "That?You can have that for free."A junquers favorite word, "free"!! Woo hoo thought I and quickly paid for my other purchases and made my get away.
What did you score this weekend?