Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Going Irish?

We like a bit of orange with our green on Saint Patrick's Day! That would be from my side of the family - the kids are pure green on their Dad's side. I saw this idea for treats several years ago in a magazine and have been adapting them for different holidays ever since. So simple...use cookie cutters to cut out shapes in pound cake. Frost and decorate. Today after school I let my 9 year old son cut out the shapes (will wonders never cease, he actually agreed to participate!) and then my daughter helped with the decorating. I wanted them to be all perfect and Martha Stewart but then I remembered, the point is for them to have fun!!! Off to boil the potatoes for dinner. Hope the day brings some green to all of you as well.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Easter's On The Way

Well goodness but Easter is less than a month away! It's been hard to get decorated with everything STILL out of sorts from the basement debacle. Fortunately I was able to unearth our sweet Easter wreath. It's full of wee chenille chicks, felt eggs, glitter rabbits and a sprinkling of glitter spray for all over sparkle. The flocked rabbits and eggs were in a bag of junque from the Thrift Store several years ago and I kept hanging on to them for no apparent reason. They really were just too cute to throw away. Last year I got the idea to make them part of this wreath transformation. I love the way it brightens things up for the holiday and puts one in the mind of Spring!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday

Been a bit sidetracked recently with work on the house and a rather important birthday for my youngest. She had a fabulous day filled with princesses and fairies. We followed it up by making the above treat bags for her preschool classmates. The pink shirt is a tradition begun when she was two. Usually the number is done in vintage buttons but I decided to branch out this year with fabric. Love those Deco roses. Junque in this photo consists of cherry napkins which I found in an outbuilding of the glassblowing studio where I used to work, a gumball (now M&M) dispenser from yard sale last summer, and an ironstone pedestal which I picked up at a church sale to give to a friend and then loved so much I couldn't let it go. She has a few choice words for me whenever she visits and sees it in my home instead of hers! Happy Birthday princess girl!