Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Halloween Tuesday

Oh happy day at the church charity shop. Halloween in August!!!!!!!!!!! Fall is coming, Fall is coming...

A great haul and there is another big Empire Blow Mold Jack O'Lantern light in the garage!
Vintage treat bags and a Mr. Pumpkin Face set of plastic pieces to stick in and decorate your pumpkin. "No Mess No Bugs No Smell No Knives No Dangerous Candle Light Needed" according to the package.

Vintage Beistle honeycomb tissue pumpkins and ball. One set was in its original, unopened package. Score!

Four bags of plastic pumpkin candy cups. I glittered up the faces. Filled with orange shreds these will look great in the booth for upcoming shows.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's A Scorcher

Not much longer and the kids will be back to school. We say goodbye to the "lazy" days of summer. As I alternate between elation over their impending return and the depths of despair (my baby starts kindergarten this year) I thought I'd share the view from my porch.
The rackets were purchased at various yard sales. A box of letters from a flea market provided the verbage.

My son had the fabulous idea to cross these two when hanging them on the gate. Clever, clever boy!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friday Finds

It was a very good day on Friday. I have so many things to post, clean, tag, etc. Then I went and got another car load this morning. Must stop...MUST stop... Anyhoo, I wanted to get these up quickly. I think they were my favorites purchased from a lovely lady who was ever so eager to share her stories.
"Do you know what those are?" she asked me as I brought them up to pay. "Well, no but I do know they are super cool!" She and her family lived in Germany from 1970-1974 and brought these back with them. She told me the coolest story about the airport poster. It shows the three runways that Western countries were allowed to use when flying into East Berlin. Deviations from these flight paths were problematic to say the least. "You're taking history home with you" she told me as I left. Awesome!!
The red poster is the Kaiser Wilhem Memorial church
which was bombed in WWII and the spire never rebuilt. I love the graphics but I love the story even more.
The vase is over 2 feet tall in a groovy textured matte ceramic. Marked VDB Kunstporzellan it still has the tag from the factory. She couldn't believe it wasn't the first thing to sell. Neither could I with it's astounding $1 price tag.
Ah, life was good in the land of garage sales this weekend.
More goodies to follow.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tasty Glittered Cherries!

Two posts ago I showed you a fun cherries print I picked up at the Thrift. I love that they are labeled "en francais". J'adore les cerises!

The frame got a bit of a makeover and the print got a bit of glitter and here she is, in all her yummy splendor!

What's sparkling in your world?!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Am So In Love

I'm trying to get back into the Etsy thing so I just put these up. Love the industrial feel.

I have a pile of these vintage butterfly squares in my stash. Not really so much of a stash as a taking over of my craft "area" which should really be called Area 51! It's time to do something with them and pillows is where I begin.

You know I love me some glitter. Love me some birds so why not put them together. Another embellished print.

This is the love mentioned in the post title. Bought these at the thrift store yesterday. Oh, I am in awe of these candleholders. I simply CAN NOT, WILL NOT part with them. I had the snazzy lucite candles in my stash (yes, ANOTHER stash) and when I put them together I swear I heard music.

A day later and I am still grinning like an idiot!!!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Saturday's Junque

I had no business out buying more junque as I prepared for a Sunday show in Indiana but it was half off day at our local Goodwill.... What could a girl do but stop and see?!

Fun treats awaited.

This cherries print will get a glitter make-over. Found another bottle to decorate and bling.

I was tremendously amused by the "Elves at Work" phrase. These small icicle garlands will surely find a project as Christmas approaches.

This might be my favorite find of the day. I let out a small squeal of excitement when I found it on the shelf. I was there late in the afternoon - HOW DID THIS NOT GET SNATCHED UP EARLIER?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There was even a light set in the box but I ditched it as they are easy enough to replace while electrical fires are a major problem to fix!

Love, love, love the graphics on this. Plus the "buns" had me giggling (because I am so NOT a mature adult). This baby is already gone - I put her in the car and sold her Sunday morning.