Saturday, March 30, 2013

Opening Day!

Monday approaches quickly and I am super excited for Opening Day!
Baseball?  Heck no!  Although maybe that parade in downtown Cincinnati is actually in celebration
of all things junk?!!!!
I'm a vintage gal and Monday marks opening day of my first ever booth in a mall.
Yikes!  Squeal!  Double yikes!
Just about finished setting up. 
Excitement has given way to terror. 
Butterflies in my stomach galore.
Fingers crossed.
Toes crossed.
Breath held...
Here's a little peek (which has of course changed since I took this after a thrift trip yielded a
double sided chalkboard on wheels which HAD to be squeezed in).

Want to visit?
Here are the details:
920 A Columbus Ave.
Lebanon, OH
Junque Magnet is in booth #36 - Aisle 2.
Open 7 days a week.
TONS of booths.  LOTS of great junque!