Monday, October 31, 2011


Just in time for a last minute addition to my Halloween decor!  Found this vintage Ouija Board game at an auction on Saturday.  This has been on my mental list of things for ages and how lucky to find it "in season"!
Now I'm off before my self imposed sugar coma renders me completely useless...

Friday, October 28, 2011

Easy As...

Sometimes easy is good.  Occasionally easy can be great.
Possibly one of my easiest projects ever.  Glass telephone insulators with battery operated tea lights inside.  Surely this has been done before and I am merely re-inventing the wheel.
As the lovely Lola (of Charlie and Lola - you DO read those books don't you?!) would say, "Easy peasy lemon squeezy."
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Checking In

Just checking in after a busy weekend at the Rural Antique Society show.  Great show in an amazingly beautiful setting.  Many, many thanks to Page and Pat for organizing such a lovely event.  Additional thanks to those of you who came and shopped!
A few tag sale finds from Sunday.  As if I had any business out shopping when my car was STILL fully loaded from the show.  I do have a weakness for restaurant china...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Those Pics I Promised and The Rural Society Antique Show

In my glee over "The Find" a few weekends back I may or may not (oh, all right - I DID) promise to show photos of the thing I had to have.  The thing that made me slam on my brakes and turn around in a driveway (not belonging to myself) to get back and see if it really and truly could be...
The stove of my dreams.  The one that has been on my list forever.  The one I see in antique stores and sigh over.  THE ONE...
Thank you junque gods.  Surely you planned for the map function on my phone to send me a ridiculously long way out of my way to get to a craft show.  Often it is these "wrong" turns which provide the chance for great treasure and I should remember to trust in the junque journey.
Heading out tomorrow morning to the Rural Society Antique Show with a trunk full of fabulous finds and junque of all sorts.
Naturally this stove will not be in the lot because even as I told myself it was ok to purchase seeing as how I had a show coming up and could sell it...I KNEW I WAS LYING.  This lovely stove is right at home in my kitchen and will stay for quite a while.
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Halloween Peek

Sharing a bit of Halloween decorating around the Junque Palace that is my home.
Vintage Probe letters set in coral on the mantel.  I could lie and say I used the coral because it reminded me of brains but truth be told, I'm trying to work with what is already out because a) I'm feeling overwhelmed and b)I just might be a lazy junque girl!

Thrifted Danish ceramic dish (which I ADORE), glittered black leaves which did not get used in the project which has me hanging my craft head in shame, vintage game pieces with a skull on top, and those vintage Probe letters again (because yes, possibly I am lazy (see above)  and I already had them out.  In my defense I did have to venture into the basement to get them so there were stairs/exercise involved!)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Not So Much

Sometimes the idea in your head is not a winner.  Sometimes you spend a fair amount of time on a project which had so much potential but fails to garner results.  Case in point..
Styrofoam ball covered in black leaves and sitting in a McCoy planter.
Supposed to be cool and spooky.  Reality bears a striking resemblance to a vintage bathing cap.  If it were such a cap it would be fun and cool.  As a Halloween craft, not so much!

Keeping it real folks.  They cannot all be winners!  This loser will not be saved!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The "Glamorous" Side of Junque

People, this is my garage.  This is my garage two weeks after the Springfield Extravaganza.
I cannot believe I'm showing you this.  I cannot believe it still looks like this.  I cannot believe I sold as much crap junque as I did and IT STILL LOOKS LIKE THIS!  Good grief it is never ending and completely my own fault.  I am such a junque-a-holic.
Somewhere in these piles are the makings of a fabulous booth for the Rural Antique Society show in two weekends.  Somewhere...
Oh and just wait till you see the enamel stove I got this weekend.
BECAUSE I NEEDED IT?!!!!!!!  But really, once you see it you'll know why I had to rescue it!
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