Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Junque Goddess Trio

It's been a while since I had any of these beauties to junque around.  One yard sale and one thrift store yielded three Junque Goddess busts similar to my first goddess (you can see her here if you promise not to remark on the sad quality of my photos - I was such a blogger newbie at the time!).
These girls and I are headed to Springfield this weekend where I hope they will find happy new junque homes.  The ironstone lid was lonely at a thrift store so I gave it a vintage button and lace make-over.  Perfect for a sweet accent to a vignette.
My chalkboard sign was an auction find.  A great old cabinet door with perfectly chippy paint.  Makes a great sign for the booth and will easily transform for the next owner.  Got a few of those chalkboard marker pens and WOW I am in love!!!!!!!!!!
Wishing you all great junque.  If you're heading to Springfield this weekend please drop by my booth #532 and say hello (near the Arts & Crafts building AND the Bourbon chicken booth which is ever so lucky for me!).
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Heavy Metal - My Way and Show Particulars

This is how I like my heavy metal.  The rusty, crusty, chippy vintage variety.  Good grief you weren't thinking music when you read the title, were you?  Oh my, never. I was a serious alternative/techno girl back in the day (the kind who cringes when she hears orchestral elevator versions of Depeche Mode songs in mass shopping establishments!)  Back when alternative music WAS alternative but perhaps I digress...
Witness my haul from flea market last weekend.  I'm amused when some shopping excursions end up having a theme.  Wire baskets galore and a vintage metal wire store display.  Throw in a pair of red painted metal child size chairs and I'm a happy gal.

Loved the woodblocks.  I still have a bunch of letter blocks so these will be fun to place in the bowl at shows.  I was hoping to keep them but husband was not as thrilled as me!
So here you have it.  Our shopping carts were VERY heavy by the end of the morning!  I kept thinking I should stop since I may have confessed mentioned the lack of garage space and impending cold weather but I soldiered on while remember my upcoming shows.
I'll be bringing my junque to:
Springfield Extravaganza
September 16,17,18
Springfield, OH
Booth #532 (same spot as the May show)
October 14,15
Mt. Vernon, OH
And I've even got the neighborhood yard sale coming this Saturday which will be the perfect opportunity to really get in there and sort stuff out.  Any local folks who'd like to attend the yard sale just drop me an e-mail and I'll get you the particulars.
Junque on folks!

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