Monday, July 25, 2011

Word of the Day

Greetings from the land of heat and humidity!
I actually have mounds (which sounds ever so much better than "piles" don't you think) of junque to share with you.
Of course taking pictures would require me to a) unpack it from the bags in the garage and b) face the unrelenting heat to take photos.
Since that is SO not happening I've got just a couple to share.
Finally found a few scrabble games at Treasure Aisles on Sunday.  These get harder and harder to come by as we junkers/repurposers snatch them up.  Remember when there used to be piles of Scrabble games in thrift stores?
Snagged this orange vase on Sunday as well.  Vintage.  Orange.  Pottery.  Three of my favorite words of all time. 
In other news we took young Indy Jones to see this on Saturday.  A bit sad as it ended.  He was two when he saw the first one.  Time flies as your kids grow like weeds.  Great books, great movies and a fun portion of his life!
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christmas in July

It's at least a million degrees outside with 2000 percent humidity.  I do not exaggerate.  Walking from the car to the grocery store entrance robs me of my breath and the will to go on.  Young Beckham needs to practice his ball skills but how can I send him outside in this heat?
So inside the relatively cool cocoon of our home I've been working on a little Christmas...
I LOVE Christmas in July.  Well I love Christmas year round and in my continued effort to be less of a slacker procrastinator I've begun work on christmas crafts for winter shows.

Tacky plastic window candles are easily transformed with spray paint and some fluffy bits (yes, they may still be tacky but it's a DIFFERENT kind of tacky - MY KIND of tacky).  Jello molds make great bases for bottle brush trees.
And just in case I was worried I might run out (as if that could EVER happen - you've seen my stash) of ornaments look what I happened upon at the flea market yesterday morning...

A basket full of vintage Christmas goodness.  Never mind that it was still dark when I was digging through the booth. Never mind the fact that I had no idea what colors they were, due to said darkness (the sun had yet to rise).
And never mind that I did make my kids go out in yesterday's heat to accompany me to said flea market!  In my defense, we were out the door at 4:30AM and done shopping by 8:30AM so we did scurry inside before the full blast hit us!
Such junking folly!!!
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Power of Coffee and Pickers

I am SO going to need this when I get in the car at 4AM tomorrow morning.
Coffee can cure so many ills!  Sadly there will be no room in the car for even a coffee cup tomorrow.  Besides, at O'Dark Thirty AM it's too dark to see your coffee cup!
This piece is already in the car waiting for an unveiling at the Burlington Antique Show.  We're hoping the Pickers Producers (say THAT five times fast!) will pick our booth as a fun and interesting stop during the show!  Fingers crossed, toes crossed and Boy Wonder has set his alarm to join me.  He's got two of his own picks in my booth this time and is bound and determined to sell them for a profit (on TV would be even better he assures me).
This was a quick morning project from a gifted window (because you all know how we junque lovers get people to give us stuff they would otherwise throw away) and a coffee bean sack.  An easy and caffeinated graphic pop of home decor.  Hoping it finds a good home with another coffee addict lover.
Heading to Burlington tomorrow?
Do stop in and say hello.  You can find me and my junque:
Burlington Antique Show
Boone County Fairgrounds
Space #69 - on the concrete around the horse ring (and ever so conveniently diagonal from the Kettle Korn - not that I'm addicted to that either?)
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Roadside Makeover

Several months back I was driving home on trash day when what to my wandering eye should appear (ok - not really wandering since I was driving and the kids were in the car)?
Cries of protest from the back seat did nothing to deter me (my son is getting old enough that he begins to fear people he knows will see his mother dumpster diving - as if a confirmed junquer like myself gives a hoot about the opinion of others).  Screeching halt, car still running, pop the trunk and throw it in.
Fast forward a bit (ok - a LONG bit because you all know I have a procrastination problem) and look at her now.
Don't know why I waited so long.  Plugged in the palm sander and went to town revealing other colors underneath this paint.  Now she's hard at work in the master bathroom.
I do so love free treasures.  LOVE THEM!
Well I'm off to continue serving my sentence in the garage.  Piles and piles to sort and price for Sunday.
Burlington Antique show is going to be great.  The History Channel will be there to film their new show Top Collectors.  I am SO READY for my close-up (well my junque is ready for a close up...).
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Monday, July 4, 2011

Flea Market Finds

I bought a rusty, crusty old tool box from flea market vendor.  As I paid him I noticed this leaning against a table...
"What maps did Dad have in there?", I asked. 
"Don't know.  We never looked."
I took a quick peek in the corner of the tube and couldn't really tell much of anything. I was, of course intrigued as I do love me some maps and globes (I mean how many times have I shown you all my multiple globes?! I already had a neat metal bank globe in my bag from another vendor).
I asked the price.  I loved the answer and we popped the tube in our giant IKEA bag and continued shopping.
Once home we unrolled Dad's Maps and found these...

There were four U.S. Navy nautical maps inside.  They are big.  They are lovely.  They're date stamped from the 20's and 30's.  I'm ever so happy I picked them up.  And in another bit of junque karma, two of them just happen to show Cuba.
Apparently the Cuban junque gods were smiling on me this weekend.  My husband's mother came to the United States from Cuba not long after Castro took over.  In a nod to his heritage I have spent many years looking for a neat map of Cuba to hang in the house so you can imagine my joy at the sheer luck of finding two.  We'll pick one to frame and sell the others.  An absolutely perfect afternoon at the flea market!
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Happy Fourth!

Wishing all a healthy and fun holiday.