Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hungry on Rednesday!

World's Longest Yard Sale Score

I've wanted a pair of these for a while.  They were on my list.  You know the list I mean.  The one where you have an idea for something and think I really want that and then tell yourself if you just wait long enough you'll find one at a yard sale/thrift store/auction.
Of course they didn't look this way when I happily grabbed them from an otherwise creepy yard sale at the fairgrounds in somewhere (I don't remember where - it was a REALLY long day) Kentucky.  You know how they looked.  You've all seen them.  Monkey wood tiki head forks and spoons once abounded in many a home across America.  No more.  They have been cast aside, discarded and branded ugly. 
Well that's where a girl like me steps in and performs her grand rescue.  All these babies need is some primer and a can of spray paint.  Tiki on!!!!!!!!  I love them.
They are happily hanging (yes, I do for a fact know that they are happy - how could they not be happy when painted such a cheery red?) in the kitchen.  My daughter has remarked that she would like bowl of cereal big enough to require the use of such a large spoon.  Perhaps I shall encounter one of those at another yard sale one day!
The old camp stove got some enamel pots from an auction a few weeks back.  I'd like to get some plants to put inside.  I'll just add that to my list and see what the junque gods provide in due course.
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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miss Me Much?!

Yoo hoo! 
I'm back from a rather unintentional blogging break.  Time got away from me.  Junque got away from me.  My mind may or may not have gotten away from me!
  In an effort to get my blog groove back I'm showing off a favorite recent find:

Quite possibly the most divine scale EVER!!!!!!!  Oh how I love thee.
Lest you think I've been a completely lazy blogger I have accomplished a project or two.  Witness the following:
Vintage cabinet door repurposed into a chalkboard
Ah yes, back to school.  That would actually explain a bit of my absence.  I've been readying myself and the munchkins (who are not at all munchin-like as they enter 6th and 1st grade) for school.  
They started back on Thursday.  On Friday I was back to some hard core junking in an effort to keep from sitting at home and feeling sorry for myself.  The loss of a little person to have lunch with each day is a rather large void to fill.  So of course I filled my trunk and then approached the garage with much trepidation.  There really is no room at the inn but somehow I got it in.  The car load I picked up this morning at the flea market is another issue...

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Short Stay

I often buy things "just because" they are cool, interesting, old, nifty, amusing or just way too good to pass up.  A LOT of times I don't have any need/space or use for them.  Please note that this is how "unintentional" vintage vendors are created!
I recently put together a display in my entry out of finds from the World's Longest Yard Sale (STILL just about the best time EVER).  It's only on loan.  I love the table but it isn't really my style.  It will go to a sale in the next couple of months.
Ditto the berry garland.
The enormous ironstone platter IS a keeper and will probably move around the house a great deal.
The driftwood ring is one of a pair which came from my favorite booth of the day.  We'll be keeping those for a LONG time.
I had the glass shade and round mirror in my stash so was easily able to pull things from here and there to create the "scene".  The beauty of junque is that if you pick enough of it you can ALWAYS make an inexpensive and unique display!  At least that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.
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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

World's Longest Yard Sale Love

It's been a few days since I got back from the 127 sale.  What can I say?
I have decided that the WLYS is like Christmas for pickers.
Oh, the anticipation when you round the bend and you see a field of tents with as yet undiscovered treasures.
Oh, the stress of deciding which ones to stop at and which ones to pass on by.

My trunk of junque.  I didn't fill it to the brim so do feel as though I failed a bit in my quest.
How clever is this bench?  So clever he had a pair of them!  Love it but left them behind with their $200 plus price tags.

These Old Crow bottles shaped like enormous chess pieces amused me no end.  Possibly I should have purchased them?
This horse head was ENORMOUS.  My daughter is wondering why I did not get it for her!  Because it is bigger than she is and would take up half her room.

Fabulous display of blueberry boxes.  Loved them.  Didn't love the price and reminded myself that I have similar cherry boxes in my posession.

More yard sale love to follow!
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Picking My Way to the 127 Yard Sale

The heat has kept me from keeping up with showing off my finds.  They are baking quite nicely in the garage - whether they are supposed to or not!
 As for me, I'm braving the heat and the traffic and FINALLY taking a jaunt to the World's Longest Yard Sale - the Route 127 sale.  Five years in Ohio and this is my first time.  My excitement knows no bounds.
Only going for one full day but surely I can fill the car in that amount of time?!  Hope the Junque gods are smiling down on me.
Showing off a few recent finds here.  These actually got washed AND put out on display.  I'm currently infatuated with hotel china and serving pieces.  It started with the teapot which says Hotel Cleveland on the front.  A few weeks later I found the Hotel Van Cleve service at a flea market.  I thought and thought and had that moment where I realized I would be forever sad if I left it behind.
Naturally I'm hoping to find some more on my trip!
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