Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nature's Red...

There is no substitute for the beauty of color found in nature.
I do however enjoy it with a side of junk (thrifted strawberry plate and some vintage napkins from the flea market)!
Of course you all know that I prefer EVERYTHING with a side of junque!
Elevevate the ordinary everyday!
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Monday, June 25, 2012

And We Are Back...

Back from our yearly beach sojourn.
Much sun (possibly too much sun for some who are still baked like a lobster!) and sand was had by all.
A few shots of the lovely boat we found in the window of a consignment shop.
It seemed like the perfect remembrance of the trip.
I'm hoping a vintage one will fall into my lap at a yard sale this summer!

Yours in summer fun,
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sail Away

Greetings Junque friends.
Last Saturday was the City Flea down in Cincinnati.  Set up a booth next to the fabulous Miss Pam of Frippery and settled in for an AWESOME day.
Tons of shoppers.  Lots of creative vendors and an all around super experience.
Pam mentions over in her blog how fun it was to do a city market.  I completely agree.  The barn sales, rural vintage shows are pleasant and lovely.  This is a different beast.  It's vibrant.  It's young (oh how ancient those Hipsters make me feel).  It's creative.  It just feels more alive and folks seem to be more willing to break out of the box.  It felt like a shot of adrenaline.
Do I have any photos?
Why no, I do not.  It was a sea of people and very busy (I had Boy Wonder taking money from people on one side of the booth while I helped folks on the other side - not that I am complaining!).  By the time I could have taken photos my booth looked less than blog photo worthy...
The Princess arrived around lunchtime (because the food is a BIG DRAW for the show) and appeared in front of me with a grin and a question.
Pointing to a pair of sequin shoes sitting on one of my tables she asked, "If they don't sell could you let me have them for beds for my LalaLoopsy dolls?"  They were in her hands in hot second.  Seven year old re-purposing?  I'm all for it.  A Princess who "gets" her mom?  Priceless!
And thus we did this yesterday morning:

A wee mattress out of flannel fabric.  Some ric-rac trim on bit of Eiffel Tower fabric (all left over from million years ago when I sewed a zillion burp cloths and bibs to sell on Ebay - yes, BEFORE Etsy).  This way Marina Anchors can dream of Paris just like my Princess.
And we did this:

Princess decided one would be fun as a boat.  A plastic straw serves as mast while dictionary pages make a great sail.  A vintage wooden spool keeps it all together.
Not a single item purchased.  A fun trip through my stashes picking up bits and bobs to craft her vision.
Junque at its finest!
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Monday, June 4, 2012

Around the House

I've been taking a little time to get stuff down around the house.
Not as pro-active as it sounds.  More of a "this crap has been stuck in a corner/lying on the floor/jammed between furniture waiting to get done forever" kind of a thing.
You know the kind where you think your spouse might lose their marbles if one more thing comes in under the, "I'm going to get to this one day" variety.
Several weeks ago I gave in to the siren song of these large clothes pins.  I'd seen them in the Ballard catalog a zillion months ago and was intrigued.
Catalog after catalog and I still wanted them.  Couldn't quite bring myself to pop on the price knowing that in person I would be disappointed with the quality and newness of them.
Then there was the coupon in the mail which is ever so useful at the outlet and darn if when I went in they didn't actually have these bad boys.
Now cheap enough to meet my standards (I have a different cheap threshold for new vs. old because let's face it - these are NEVER going to appreciate) into my cart they went.
Once home they sat on the floor for...let's just say a while.
Hung they looked a bit empty on the wall so my go-to Probe letters came in handy yet again.  I'm having a bit of a love affair with driftwood as of late so the mirror actually jumped into my cart the same time as the clothes pins.
Looks good next to one of my altered clip-boards (not usually this nice - two seconds after this photo it was chock full of ortho appts and ice cream coupons...).
Anybody else getting some junque done around the house?
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