Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcoming the New

If the auctions this week were any indication of the coming year I think it will be...
The Year of the Instant Collection!

Woo hoo.  I'm buying in bulk and making a statement.
It was lot after lot of shoe making parts.  They had the most beautiful boot form which I lost (sniff, sniff, sniff)!

Wood forms - check!   Metal forms - double check and WOO HOO!  I love them so.
My booths are totally going to rock this year.
I feel it in my bones.
This is the year of Junque Magnet.
It really is.
Look on my sidebar.  I even started a Facebook page for Junque Magnet.
So in case you can't get enough of me (oh ok.  I realize it's actually the junque you can't get enough of...) head on over there for juicy tidbits.
Wishing one and all the junkiest of years to come!
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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teacher Gifts

Tis the season for gifting teachers.  If you, like me are tired of candles and dip mixes and yet another apple themed trinket I suggest digging through your hoard  stash for something a bit different.
Perhaps I am not the only one who fails to resist the siren song of old books?!
It's a rescue mission I tell you.  They cry and I simply must take them.  Why will no one else do it?  The rafters are bending under the weight...
Anyhoo, I took some old school primers and dressed them up with a bit of crochet doily parts.  Added some vintage bling bits from my tins of junque bits.
Ta da, easy peasy.
I sold two of them so need to do up a few more for teacher gifts (oh dear, tomorrow is the LAST day of school and I have been felled by what I can only say feels like the BUBONIC PLAGUE).  Pleased with the results and the possibilities.
Yours in gifting,
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Topping It All Off

Hello you gorgeous thing...
Followed me home from Anthro.  Jumped right into my hands and on to the check out.  Really.  It happened!
But she looks a bit wan.  Needs some sparkle.  If this were a crafty thing I would be busting out the glitter even as I write (I can so do those two tasks as the same time - glitter on the keyboard proves it).  Yet even I must exhibit some glitter restraint every now and again.
So instead I poked through this:
Embarrassing admission: this is just one of my tins of vintage brooches.  These are the "junque" bits to make jewelry with and nowhere near those in regular rotation which live in my jewelry box or on coats in the closet.  Please note how I said brooches tin.  Yes, other jewelry items are stored seperately in multiple other tins.
So I poked and prodded (and managed NOT to poke a finger) and came up with these:
Hard to choose who will be the lucky winner.  Of course I can always wear one today and change them at will.  This is why being a junque magnet is actually a good thing!  Choice.  I ALWAYS have choices in my hoard stash.
So I'm thinking we're going to start with this one:
Which would you choose?!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Quick Snap

What I'm working so many ways!!!!!!!!!!
Just a quick snap of a little decoration on a side table.
Still going...
Are you bored with the Probe letters yet? (Me? Not so much.  Obviously!)

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Little Christmas and a Flea!

Sharing a little bit of Christmas around the house today.  Am I done? Bien sur que non!!!
Am I just about over it.  Mais oui!
The Alpine Village may not make an appearance this year.  I lie.  The chickadee will gasp with horror and I will dutifully descend to the basement to bring up box after box of houses!  I know it.
Yesterday was an hour and a half doing the feather tree in the hallway and I think that did me in.  Of course I love it now that it is complete.'s a little tree I put together a couple of weeks ago:
Currently hanging out on the ironing board "console table" behind the couch.  A vintage brooch serves as tree topper.  I put together a sheet music paper garland and spelled out Xmas Joy with my tried and true Probe Game cards.  Did I add some glitter?  OF COURSE I added glitter.  Don't I glitter just about everything?
Also put together some bottle brush trees in old jello molds:

These goodies and more will be coming with me on Saturday to the City Flea:
The City Flea Wrapped Up Holiday Market
Saturday 12/10  11AM-4PM
12th & Vine
Cincinnnati, OH
Wish me luck, lack of rain, lack of sub-zero temps and many customers!!
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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mollie Makes

Just a quick post to gush about a magazine I discovered last month.
This is Mollie Makes and I simply adore it.  Full of amazing ideas and extremely talented artists.  They usually come with a project packet (so very British).  I devoured my copy this morning and was all geared up to get crafting.
I love the products and homes they feature.  Dedicated to thrifting, making, collecting and crafting it is chock full of eye candy.
Now she is a bit pricey so my subscription was really an early Christmas present.  But oh the joy it will bring year round.
If you happen across one take a peek.  I imagine you might be as enthralled as I am.
Ah, the joy of like minded folk!!!!