Monday, January 31, 2011

An Auction Re-Do

Last week I picked up this sweet little vintage ceramic, made in Japan dog at an auction.
He was $1 and his bucket was empty. When we picked him up my daughter (who is all of 5) was very concerned that the handle was missing. Not to worry. I promised her I already had a plan.
A little foam ball, a few flowers and he's ready for a new home.
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CSN Stores - Get Your Modern On!

Ooh, ah! That's the response this Saarinen table always evokes for me.
When the fine folks at CSN stores contacted me to do a product review I was beyond thrilled. My mind immediately began racing at all the modern furniture
like the above I might choose. Visions of Knoll and Miller danced in my head but then Ms. Practicality reared her ugly head and I was reminded of the many things at the 200+ CSN stores which I really do need. So while my beloved Saarinen will have to wait check back soon for my practical product review. In the meantime head over to CSN and drool with me!

Good Morning Monday

Well hello there Mr. Monday! I've got no problem greeting you when I have this on my plate. I LOVE IKEA! No, no, no. Not for the furniture (although the gadgets are fun). For the food!!! I'm off to add a cup of coffee to this and start my week right...

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Rednesday

Sharing a recent thrift store find for Rednesday.
When I showed her to my husband he said, "Only the one?" Well yes. If there had been another one I would have picked it up!!!!!!!!!!!
She makes a nice addition to my daughter's collection of Kokeshi and nesting dolls.
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Junque

It was a good weekend for junque. A very good weekend. The kind that still has treasures in bags...
The thrift gods were smiling on me Friday evening when they provided this perfectly sized vintage hamper. La Princess has been needing one and I have been loathe to purchase something new because a) I mostly hate them and find them vile and b) I'm cheap - I mean thrifty and there's no way I'm spending a lot. I knew if I waited long enough fortune would smile upon me. And it did. For $3. Thank you wise thrift gods. Thank you.
A large indoor flea market netted these other great finds (with A LOT more waiting in the wings). I know, I know. Pink is supposed to be the IT color of the year. Whatever. I'm an aqua kind of a girl. I don't need a new color - I love the palette I've got. Love that globe - she's ALL metal baby!
How appropriate is that sweet cherub Lefton planter? Still got the sticker on the bottom. Off to Etsy she will go.
A close up of the nursery decals on top of the hamper lid. How adorable are they?
More to show you in the coming days.
Hope your weekend was full of great junque.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Task At Hand

Somewhere in Syracuse the populace laughs at us. Most assuredly when the hear that my kids had the day off for this. Again!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Junque Bazaar - A Call For Vendors & Shoppers

As evidenced by the title it would seem I've decided upon a name for my show. I toyed with Junque Days for a while but now I'm settled.


See my side bar listing of shows? I even put it on there. I've got a quote for insurance on the premises (more than anticipated but less than feared). I've come up with a very affordable signage solution. I already knew the venue was going to be the fairgrounds. Currently collecting quotes for advertising so that leaves...


If you'd like more information about participating in this event and/or you know someone else who might like to do so please have them contact me at:
I'm compiling a list and I need some names. I have a start but definitely need more. Come on - I know you have some Junque buds who want to set up! And if you want to come and shop (DUH) and bring some friends drop me a line as well so I can keep you in the loop.

It will be a one day, inside event (yeah - no fear of the elements!). Downtown is literally just up the street with plenty of cute shops to visit and places to eat.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Object of My Adoration

My heart sang when I encountered this beauty at the Goodwill on Sunday afternoon.
Nervously I tried it on thinking it would never fit. Then a glorious moment as I realized that yes, my arms do fit in here (I have VERY pudgy arms) and oh my goodness it was meant to be mine! Cue the chorus. A vintage sweater with fur AND bling. Be still my beating heart! Oh happy and lucky day.
I want to wear it every single day. Every one.
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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose

You might well wonder what these are...
Several months ago I got a bag full of these. One of my husband's co-workers picked them up for me from a recycling event of sorts. Architecture and design firms all over Cincinnati dropped off product samples, binders, etc. to a site from which the public was then invited to stop by and take the items in an effort to keep things OUT of the landfills. These are carpet fiber color samples (at least I think they are!). Simply divine and I finally came up with a project.

I thrifted the assorted metal wall pockets (see, EVEN less in the landfill),
glued in the carpet fibers, added a bit of Spanish moss and voila!
Naturally I still have some left. What next? Wreaths?!!!
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Upcycled Jute Tote Bag

This weekend there was a bit of a find over at the Ballard Design outlet store. You don't think these bags started out this way do you?
Of course you don't. You know better. Imagine racks and racks of these... Monogrammed jute tote bags.
Of course that only works if you know someone with the right initials. Well I knew I could get around that. Using pieces of a vintage crochet blanket I was able to make these fun Junque Totes. I'm getting them ready for show season. They will be perfect for Junkin' in Style. A sweet and useful bag for hauling your treasures as you shop.

Four down. Six more left. Oodles of ruffles. Should I go back and get more?

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Leap of Sorts

Lately I've been feeling like this cricket...
Stuck. In a cage. One of my own creation.
I'd like to step out. Lift off the top. Be ready to fly with my own wings...
What's stopping me? Myself. Same as ever.
I want to do something kind of big. Kind of out there for me. Really scary. I can't quite take the leap. So I keep gathering information and seeking opinions.
I need to take the lid off this thing and get it going. I'm thinking if I write it here for all the world to see (or my very few loyal readers) maybe it will become real and force me to commit.
So here it is:
This year I AM going to host/organize/create my own Junque Market (I need a good name for it - Junque Days?!) event. I'm renting a building at the local fairgrounds, I'm going to find vendors to participate and then hope with the strongest of hopes that people attend. A lot of people attend. Because I want my little corner of Ohio to have a cool show like the lucky folks in MN seem to have all the time!!! Because I would love to attend the Farm Chicks but that is not possible at this point in my life. I'm going to create my own. Because I love my little, quaint and picturesque town and I want people to visit it. Because I'm not ready to do the Country Living Festival but I still want to participate in something similar.
That's it. Not earth shattering in the grand scheme of real life but I've gone and said it. Now I HAVE to do it.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Love Junque

Last year was my first attempt at some Valentine crafting. I was all set to do another wreath like the one here and then I had a new idea.
Altered cake pans with tinsel glitter, sheet music and vintage valentines. On their way to Etsy later this evening. Can you feel the love?
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Monday, January 3, 2011

Farm Art

A New Year's Day auction yielded this enormous wood harness vise/brace (I'm just repeating what the auctioneer said because seriously folks - I have NO idea). I am much more of a city chick so although I don't know what it is I do know it's pretty!
Farm equipment as sculpture... Which happens to go ever so nicely with this sweet pair of ceramic birds I thrifted a few weeks back. "Sculpted" in 1972 according to their bottoms.
Art is seriously all around us. Sometimes all we have to do is imagine it outside of the barn!
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