Monday, December 14, 2009

A Good Haul

Headed to a local thrift store after my son's soccer game Saturday night. He was less than thrilled but I had some bang up finds. Some are great as is...others will get a bit of work and be transformed. This batch included:
3 vintage tv trays with fun images.
A somewhat scary scroll frame with butterfly image - I've already got it painted and now need to choose a cool print for inside.
A blue wicker wall rack thing - to paint or not to paint that is indeed the question?
A French champagne advertisement - not sure if this one is old - should look cool once I distress and paint the ugly frame.
Some vintage necklace chains - these need embellishments.
Red heart metal candleholder ring - this will be sweet for Valentine's day with vintage acrylic candles!
A "silver" tray which needs both bling and embellishments.
A sweet basket with floral tile insert.
Keeping with my French finds a repro Paris Exposition plate.
A South Carolina state plate - we collect these and it has been a while since I found a good one for $1!
Brass candlesticks - these are getting painted and glittered. I would glitter EVERYTHING if I could.
A sweet set of ceramic measuring cups featuring American Eagles on the fronts.These should be popular with the Primitive folks when I set up Springfield next year.
A cute milk glass bucket with metal handle. I'm thinking I might glitter the handle which would make for a sweet Easter decoration.

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