Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Few Garden Treats

Garden goodies ready for the Occasional Sale!
I am in love with this paint color. Picked it up last week - Glacier Blue! My husband says it's very Martha so I guess it must be a Good Thing! The ribbon flowers are so much fun to make and give me an excuse to use some buttons from my stash.

Sweet little bird on a silver plate trivet. The trivets makes great saucers for planters and the silver gives them some panache.


Prior said...

LOVE, LOVE your Martha color, how funny our husbands know what a Martha color would look like! I have that same candle stand and have been wondering about different colors for it. Thanks soo much for joining my blog... I'm gonna' follow you, too! Lezlee

★Carol★ said...

I found that same metal candle holder last year at a garage sale, and I just painted it pink today! Freaky coincidence! I'm going to check out more of your blog right now!