Friday, March 11, 2011

Find of the Day

Headed up to Dayton this morning to unload in my space. Lucky 14, lucky 14...
Space 14 will be lucky for me!!!
And as the Princess and I headed back to the car what did I spy in someone's booth but a piece ever so fit for Spring?
Surely the birds will be singing tomorrow. It even retains it's lovely wood perch so I simply could not resist. What ever shall I place inside to doo da it up?
Wishing everyone a spring like weekend and sending out thoughts and hope to all those suffering in Japan.


Scarlett said...

Its lovely, Ive been keeping my eyes out for a wire bird cage too. Scarlett x

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

I have a mini chandy in mine! judy

vivian said...

fun!! I know you'll do just the right thing with that bird cage! was reading through your last few posts, and have to say that your complaints about doing craft shows is why I quit doing them years ago. There are a few good ones left, but most are tiny little wastes of time! eiy yie yie!
anyways.. have a delightful weekend!