Thursday, July 21, 2011

Christmas in July

It's at least a million degrees outside with 2000 percent humidity.  I do not exaggerate.  Walking from the car to the grocery store entrance robs me of my breath and the will to go on.  Young Beckham needs to practice his ball skills but how can I send him outside in this heat?
So inside the relatively cool cocoon of our home I've been working on a little Christmas...
I LOVE Christmas in July.  Well I love Christmas year round and in my continued effort to be less of a slacker procrastinator I've begun work on christmas crafts for winter shows.

Tacky plastic window candles are easily transformed with spray paint and some fluffy bits (yes, they may still be tacky but it's a DIFFERENT kind of tacky - MY KIND of tacky).  Jello molds make great bases for bottle brush trees.
And just in case I was worried I might run out (as if that could EVER happen - you've seen my stash) of ornaments look what I happened upon at the flea market yesterday morning...

A basket full of vintage Christmas goodness.  Never mind that it was still dark when I was digging through the booth. Never mind the fact that I had no idea what colors they were, due to said darkness (the sun had yet to rise).
And never mind that I did make my kids go out in yesterday's heat to accompany me to said flea market!  In my defense, we were out the door at 4:30AM and done shopping by 8:30AM so we did scurry inside before the full blast hit us!
Such junking folly!!!
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Robyn said...

I understand completely about the heat, SAME HERE! My 10 year old daughter has pitching practice at 5:30 and it will still feel like it is over 100! Thanks for sharing the fun Xmas inspiration - maybe "mentally" thoughts of Xmas will help cool us off - ha ha. Have a fun pink weekend!

Unknown said...

Right now I'd welcome the cold weather & Christmas ... sweltering!
Happy PS weekend ~

Holly said...

I thought it only got that high where I live. =0) A fellow yard sale person - how wonderful! Enjoyed reading your post and seeing your redos.
Happy Pink Saturday!

Unknown said...

Hello. HPS!

Robin said...

Wow!...I'm impressed.
Out the door and shopping at 4:30 in the morning?!
Well, you do know what they say about the good ol' early bird?
And it looks as though it must be true. I am envious of your vintage ornaments. I hope they gave you a real good price on those too...seeing as how you took them off their hands at such an early hour.
I'm loving your craftiness too. I saw your candles and thought (before reading), "Where did she get those pink candles?" Spray painting them pink was brilliant....and with the balls and tinsel, they look so all the more retro. I am going to have to get me some pink spray paint.
Have a pinkishly beautiful weekend.

Apple of his eye said...

Just loved your candles. I've kept mime up all year before in the windows at night for a colonial feel. But draw bugs in the heat! :-( so I'll save them for Christmas.


JunkStuffTreasures said...

So pretty and inventive! Your post reminds me of the holiday decorating season. Can't wait to pull out my trees (12 of them at last count) and all the decorations!

Anonymous said...

Aw, what a neat post. I love your pink'd window candles....what a great idea :) Also love your little foil Christmas tree on the Jell-O mold. How clever. Diggin' that wallpaper in the background, too.

Kelee Katillac said...

That pink plastic candle/menorah is awesome! Love the vintage fell....1940's!


love, kelee katillac

Noble Vintage said...

Hey there- I wanted to stop by and respond to your question to Betsy about the sticky back hangers you've been looking for... I've seen those ones at True Value. There are also Dischangers that you can order from the U.K. Same concept but they come in xtra large sizes to hold platters and heavier items. Just wanted to share! :)

Tammy @ said...

What a fun find! Great idea to spray paint the window lights, they look lovely. Thanks for linking up last week, hope you stop by again!

Best wishes,

Vicki said...

What a fun idea to transform those old plastic Xmas candles!