Saturday, November 10, 2012

Recent Junque

Catching you up with some happy new(ish) finds:

I have a long standing love affair with Scandinavian design. Makes my heart beat a little faster every time I come across it. This mug had the added bonus of being horse themed. A lovely addition for the horse mad princess in residence!

As if I needed another vintage thermos. But I think I sold nine of them in September and October so my inner hoarder was worried I might be running low! Those little tip trays have the silliest roosters that look like cross stitch. Restaurant ware. Getting closer to my goal of giving up our Fiesta ware. If I could just find some decent bowls I would be ready for the big switch.

Another irresistible English tin. Worthy of a close up don't you think? I am physically incapable of leaving them behind! Really. I mean it. I've tried to walk away. But I always go back for the rescue.

Making every day a little bit vintage,

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koralee said...

Wonderful finds I must say! I love that sweet little mug. Thanks for visiting me the other day.