Friday, December 16, 2011

Topping It All Off

Hello you gorgeous thing...
Followed me home from Anthro.  Jumped right into my hands and on to the check out.  Really.  It happened!
But she looks a bit wan.  Needs some sparkle.  If this were a crafty thing I would be busting out the glitter even as I write (I can so do those two tasks as the same time - glitter on the keyboard proves it).  Yet even I must exhibit some glitter restraint every now and again.
So instead I poked through this:
Embarrassing admission: this is just one of my tins of vintage brooches.  These are the "junque" bits to make jewelry with and nowhere near those in regular rotation which live in my jewelry box or on coats in the closet.  Please note how I said brooches tin.  Yes, other jewelry items are stored seperately in multiple other tins.
So I poked and prodded (and managed NOT to poke a finger) and came up with these:
Hard to choose who will be the lucky winner.  Of course I can always wear one today and change them at will.  This is why being a junque magnet is actually a good thing!  Choice.  I ALWAYS have choices in my hoard stash.
So I'm thinking we're going to start with this one:
Which would you choose?!

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Pam @ Frippery said...

Carrie that is just perfect! Now may I search those tins? Hee hee. Have a great weekend, Pam