Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teacher Gifts

Tis the season for gifting teachers.  If you, like me are tired of candles and dip mixes and yet another apple themed trinket I suggest digging through your hoard  stash for something a bit different.
Perhaps I am not the only one who fails to resist the siren song of old books?!
It's a rescue mission I tell you.  They cry and I simply must take them.  Why will no one else do it?  The rafters are bending under the weight...
Anyhoo, I took some old school primers and dressed them up with a bit of crochet doily parts.  Added some vintage bling bits from my tins of junque bits.
Ta da, easy peasy.
I sold two of them so need to do up a few more for teacher gifts (oh dear, tomorrow is the LAST day of school and I have been felled by what I can only say feels like the BUBONIC PLAGUE).  Pleased with the results and the possibilities.
Yours in gifting,
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Diane Mars said...

I hear your pain this flu/cold thing has wiped me out almost 2 weeks.. it's a killer. I love your new creations, they should sell out! Very unique. I too cannot pass up an old book! Have a Very Merry Christmas ox

Sue said...

Carrie, I would have loved to have gotten something like this as a gift. Instead, there were lots of soaps, mugs, and glassware! LOL Oh well, the thought was there! Hope you have a Merry Christmas w/your family~ Sue

Ivy and Elephants said...

This is a super cute idea! I should know, ... I'm a teacher and I love it!
Please link up and share it with us over at "What's It Wednesday",
we'd love to have you!
Happy New Year!