Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Vintage Marketplace Springfield Extravaganza

Well the Olympics are over and I am ever so slowly regrouping.  What, you thought they were in London this coming summer?  Ha!
Springfield Extravaganza is my Olympics of junk.  Months of preparation, four days of mental anxiety, physical exertion and all around "stop the world" this is the ONLY thing I can focus on.
Sounds a bit like the Olympics, no?!
Happy to report I sold my two "must sell" pieces and managed to get everything back home.  Of course one load is still in the car and Boy Wonder has soccer tonight...
Must get to that post haste!
Had some lovely neighbors.  Check out Vividly Vintage on FB.  A million thanks to The Wren's Nest (who makes the most magical jewelry which made me gasp out loud - the pieces are truly unique!) for making me feel so much better about EVERYTHING and for getting me!
And finally there was Cheryl and team Small Town Chick (blog coming soon - hint, hint, hint - nudge!) who made my year with their verve and enthusiasm.  Not to mention the awesome junk tote she so graciously made for me.  Words of encouragement from Cheryl reminded me that I am not alone and many of us experience the same journey.
I should have photos of these awesome folks but sadly I do not.  Know that their junk was awesome, displays terrific and they all made me happy to be part of their community.
Your in junque,


Cheryl said...

so great to finally meet you- we had a great time at the show - hope to see you soon.

Pam @ Frippery said...

Carrie, your space and your junk are always just so cohesive and totally spot on to what is on trend. You are the hip space in the midst of all us shabby old chic's, hee hee.
You know what I am sayin'.
Hugs, Pam

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

Looks like a wonderful sale, Carrie...wish I could have been there. You look like you had some great stuff! I was reading your last post, too, and I think it always reaches a point when you are getting ready for a big sale...where you are just plain tired and not having as much fun. Sometimes I've seriously thought of quitting then, but usually once your set up and the sale starts things get better. Its a lot of work having an antiques business!

Sue said...

Carrie, I am such a spaz- I finally got you added to my post about the show! I kept going back in and amending this dumb post today because I kept forgetting people. Must be all the fumes from the stinky mulch I'm putting down that are affecting my brain cells! So glad the end result of having the booth space was profitable for you. :-) Sue

Pam Kessler said...

Oh heck. I didn't find you at the show. I was going to ask Sue where you were and then got sidetracked by something shiny and the next thing you know we're back on the highway and my husband is asking me if I got to see all of the blogging people. It looks like a lovely booth though!