Monday, August 13, 2012

A Horse Affair

One of our happy finds during the World's Longest Yard Sale was a horse photo for the Princess (seen here).
It needed a bit of help and like most Junque projects what should have been easy was less than easy at all.
We started with:

Fighting King appears to have been a stunning horse born in 1957. Unfortunately the frame he has been hanging out in forever was pathetic. Certainly not the quality he deserved!
So I headed down to my stash of frames:

So many lovely choices for Princess to choose from. Everything was proceeding swimmingly until we discovered that a) a suitable sized frame does NOT exist in my arsenal of frames and b) at some point moisture got between the photo and the glass so Mr Fighting King is now stuck to the glass and cannot be reframed/matted to a different size. Any attempt to remove him was going to result in horsey bits stuck to the glass.
So...some creative thinking was called for.

It is not the prettiest job ever. My OCD may be in overdrive. My perfectionism may be screaming but we sort of got it done. The original glass is now sandwiched behind the glass in a larger vintage frame.
Princess was happy enough to set it on her vanity and add in her other WLYS horse purchases.

I won't even bore you with just how long it took to get the placement. Let's just say that EVERY time I put the back on the picture slid. EVERY TIME. I finally resorted to using a skewer to try and shimmy it into an acceptable position. I hate when I have to gerry-rig a project. I hate it. Still trying not to cringe every time I see it. She's happy. The horses are on display. All is right in the world of Junque - sort of!!!
Here's hoping your projects have been going better than mine.
Yours in elevating the ordinary,


Pam @ Frippery said...

I think it looks lovely. If Miss Princess is happy that is all that matters. I also noticed that Fighting King was born the same year as I was. Yikes I am Ooooooooold.

Pam Kessler said...

What a fun horse photo. Looks right at home even though some gerry-rigging was involved.