Sunday, August 26, 2012

Crafting Away

A few shots of some crafting I completed last week.

I love upcycling these candolier lights. In the past I've given them a pale pink and glitter re-do but I thought I'd try something different.

Some vintage lace and bling. A few jute bows and a coat of sable paint.

I did a few others in a similar look. Rather pleased with the final product and happy to set them aside for the Vintage Marketplace show in the Springfield Extravaganza.
Hoping the customers will like them as well!
Meanwhile, the garage excavation continues as I put together my load of Junque for the show. I'm uncovering things I forgot I had and happy to say I still think they are awesome. Head over to my FB page where I'm regularly posting photos of my "discoveries".

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★Carol★ said...

#@*&, I just passed up two of those candoliers! Of course NOW I remember that I wanted to paint some black for Halloween, and of course NOW I won't find any again until next year. Oh well, I LOVE what you did with yours. So pretty!