Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Style Trending and Budget Friendly

Been having a fun run lately where I notice something in a magazine or catalog and realize I've got something very similar in my stash. Feels a bit like those magazine series where they have the high and low cost versions of trendy outfits. Or the similarly veined articles in decorating magazines with two different budget versions of the same room (although perhaps you, like me, laugh out loud at what is presented as the "low cost" alternative).
So here's my junque version of style trendy/budget friendly:
Case #1:

I bought this chippy stool on a Sunday afternoon. Later that evening I was flipping through a catalog and saw this ad. Their little stool is part of the shoot styling so no price was listed but we can well imagine what it would be offered for. My stool will hit the market at a cool $22.
Case #2:

I thrifted this glass topped brass table and endured the rolled eyes of my family who informed me, "It's beyond awful". Placed it in the garage and pondered for a few weeks whether I ought to paint it (but brass is coming back big). Perusing Elle Decor I came across this ad. Um, hello. Brass is SO making a stand. Bamboo brass legs all over. Sure the set in the magazine is nicer, heftier and more interesting. But in terms of finishes and what's trending mine will be an extremely reasonably priced option for achieving "the look".
Case #3:

Sadly I don't have a "before" shot for this one. This photo is from Elle Decor again. Not an ad, but part of an article about a particular home. That floor lamp? Sold one so very much like it last May at Springfield. As I recall I priced it at $38. I imagine I seriously underpriced it. Yet again...
Ah, the joy of junque! So much style potential and SO reasonably priced.
Making every day a little bit vintage,

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