Friday, October 1, 2010

Christmas Beads

Many years ago I inherited several vintage beaded ornaments that my grandmother had made. Not the craftiest of girls it was a surprising glimpse into her interests. I figured she had read a magazine article how-to but last week at a thrift store and then two days later at a church rummage sale (I am so amused when sales seem to fall into a pattern of like minded items) I came across these kits.

Silver swirls with lovely pink.
Music, music, music. Can you hear the sounds of Christmas?

Silver bells...

I am deeply in love with the kit titles. Blue Elegance...

Every Christmas needs a little holly, right?
I was able to get duplicates of a few so I kept those for my own crafting later this year and put these up on Ebay to share the score.
What are you crafting for Christmas?

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