Friday, October 15, 2010

Industrial Junque

Margo's Junkin Journal is hosting an Industrial Chic party and I had to get in on the action. Here's a bit of industrial going around my house.
Starting with our reading lamp on the nightstand.
The dresser in Boy Wonder's room. When we got it a million years ago it was UPS brown. I was young and rather stupid and painted it. Oh, how I wish I could go back and undo that!!
The desk in Boy Wonder's room. He's got a UPS brown lamp (see what I mean!) on there as well for task lighting. It has that fabulous office flourescent Hummmmmmmmmmmm when you turn it on (you can see more of his "office makeover" here).

The grate on my porch all decorated for Halloween. I had no idea how useful this would be when I picked it up in the blazing heat of a yard sale. At the time I thought I had heat stroke. Several holidays later I realize I was a genius. This baby gets changed around seasonally.


shannon i olson said...

your desk and dressers are wonderful, and that grate is just many uses!

Margo said...

Great projects, Thank you for coming to my linky party.


Jane said...

I love how you are using the grate as part of your outside decorations. You put together a really cute halloween display.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh YES I'm LOVIN' your Halloween display & the grate IS GREAT.... :o) !!

The metal desk packs an AWESOME industrial punch....** sigh ** ....! I'd LOVE me one of those....!

Cheers from Australia,
Tamarah :o)

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love all your industrial goodies especially your great reading lamp! Thanks for stopping by and entering the giveaway!

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

ooooh I do love your industrial style halloween display totally cool!
I quite like the chest of drawers in white too, always hard to decide what to paint isnt it?

Margo said...

congratulations you are the winner of my set of skeleton flash cards.
Please email me and send me your address so I can send out your prize.
Thank you for coming to my party.